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Since 2013 Cirio tomato and vegetable preserves have entered the "pantry" of the Italian Chefs Federation! FIC Master Chef carried out strict tastings on the Cirio portfolio and appreciated the quality and performance of all our products, both in the consumer and the professional range. The seal of approval by FIC is because of Cirio's constant commitment to being a premium brand and the icon of Italian culinary tradition, recognised throughout the world. FIC is the only official and qualified Chefs’ professional organisation with members throughout the country, including several foreign delegations. It accounts for 20,000 associated members too, 18,000 in Italy plus 2,000 all over the world amongst Professional Chefs, Cooks, Restaurateurs and Teachers in Catering Schools.


Italia del Gusto is the first private consortium of Italian companies operating in the food & beverage industry, whose company members are known for the outstanding quality of the products and their Brands. The main objective of the consortium is to promote the culture and heritage of Italian food and protect the value and authenticity of "Made in Italy" in international markets. Italia del Gusto promotes the Italian agri-food industry around the world, presenting Italian cuisine with its iconic products, brought to life in world-famous recipes and authentic family stories. To date, it has thirty companies for thirty-six renowned Brands, each a leader in their particular market segment.


The True Neapolitan Pizza Association (AVPN) was born in 1984 in Naples thanks to the best Neapolitan pizza masters. The association protects and enhances the true Neapolitan pizza-products and pizza-recipes, developed according to the ancient Neapolitan traditions and customs. Due to its cultural relevance and strict disciplines, the AVPN is an association recognized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture. We are proud to state that Cirio Peeled Plum tomatoes, whole and crushed, have passed their strict examination tests and are being promoted by the Association.

ALMA - International School of Italian Cuisine

ALMA, from Parma, is recognized as the Italian leading school of Top Cuisine and Hoteliers.

Thanks to its authoritative teachers, many of whom are internationally starred Chefs, the School trains Chefs, Cooks, Pastry chefs, Sommeliers, Bakers, Hotel Maître de, Restaurant professionals and Managers from all over the world.
The International School of Italian Cuisine has made a commitment to safeguard, protect and spread Italian gourmet products around the world.

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