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Extra Jam Apricot

Jams and marmalades made with selected fruit, prepared according to the best Italian traditions in traditional cuisine ''like home-made''. The extreme softness and velvety texture and the right balance on sweetness that they deliver, make these jams ideal not only for your desserts, but also for many other savory dishes, where the note of natural acidity from fruit gifts a perfect boquet to gourmet main courses

Why our jams?

Sweet and Sour personality: a classic choise for kids at breakfast, the unusual kick to  goat cheese&bisquits for adults


Apricot, sugar, glucose fructose syrup, gelling agent: pectin, acidity regulator: citric acid

Available formats
Single glass

Jam and marmelade for every recipe, sweet or savory

We select the best fruit at the right ripeness to have a good level of natural sugars. We know how to respect the raw material and we take the utmost care in processing it to make it a balanced jam in flavor, wisely balancing the sweetness with the natural acidity of the fruit. This is why our jams are versatile and with them you can make sweets, fillings but also creams and chutneys to accompany savory dishes such as cheeses, fish and game. Ideal for a healthy and nutritious breakfast for both adults and children.

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with Extra Jam Apricot

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