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Cannellini beans


Cirio Cannellini beans taste tender and delicate because they are carefully selected then blanched in hot water before they are canned and pasteurised. We process them with extreme care, to preserve their best qualities: pale white colour, stretched shape, aromatic flavour, tender and compact texture at the same time. A light and healthy food, rich in fiber and protein, ideal for a balanced diet.

Why Cannellini?

Cirio Cannellini can help any foodservice operators, from high level restaurants to creative pizzerias or snack bars. Already cooked, can be used after 5' minutes heating or even cold in summer salads: combine them with the sweet taste of honey and season them with salt and pepper for a sweet and salty dish that's perfect as a snack or a salad topper!


Rehydrated beans, water, salt

Available formats
Single tin

"Make your kitchen and your table more "naturally" coloured, and do not focus on one colour!"

This is the synthesis of the scientific conclusions of the World Health Organisation and other organisations (especially oncology ones).
According to scientific studies accurate for a balanced diet must include at least five portions of fruit and vegetables as part of a varied diet.
The benefits of vegetables include:
  • The contribution of fibre, which facilitates intestinal transit and protects against colon cancer
  • A high concentration of antioxidant vitamins (especially in plants contained more intensely green)
  • The supply of minerals such as potassium, which helps maintain bone mass, low blood pressure and prevents the formation of kidney stones
To increase the consumption of vegetables in your everyday diet, eat them as a snack between meals or add them to various dishes.
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