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More than 14.500 farmers members  led by central Headquarters, which grow fruit and vegetables throughout the whole of Italy.

The structure of our Cooperative ensures the full commitment of the farmers and guarantees traceability of all products, “from seeds to tables”, to deliver the highest quality and safety to end consumers.



We use our own GMO-free industrial seeds to reduce logistics and preserve the freshness of our harvests in 24 hours.
We invest in Research and Development laboratories working in synergy with Universities.
We also teach our farmers the most advanced and eco-friendly agricultural techniques.

We use wind farms to produce energy and recycle water and waste in the fields to help our environment; we minimize additives by using antagonist insects against plants’ diseases, or rotate the soils to boost fertility, or use aereal pictures to detect any problems and laise with meteo forecast…thus combining age-old and modern techniques to grow safe harvests and reduce the carbon footprint of our finished products.



The farmers love and respect their lands looking forward for the future of their sons and the planet... there is really where our mission for sustainable agriculture comes from!

Fair trade policy

Our sustainability also extends to people and stakeholders outside and inside the company, including final consumers, by means of our shared "ethics code".

Cirio offers a unique range of truly Italian tomatoes at the very best price possible while ensuring fair trade for its co-operative of farmers, which means respecting strict ethical policies and minimizing the impact on the environment.


On top of these procedures, which are in our DNA, we are delivering a new project that we call ''smart farming'', or ''precision agriculture''.

Precision agriculture is the result of a three-year project on industrial horticultural crops to improve and test the management of water resources or any additives with the University of Studies of Milan, the University of Genoa and the CICA from Bologna as part of the Rural Development Program.

This new practise means farmers can perfect and minimize the usage of water, diseases, remedies and fertilization at the level of every squared mile of land. They can also decide on the perfect moment for picking depending on the ripeness of the tomatoes. It leads to premium products and an unpolluted soil.

An application on the farmers’ mobile phones connected to satellites allows them to monitor all the green cycles: the fertilization, the defence from deasese attack, the irrigation and the harvest. By the color of the plants the farmers can understand their water and nutritional needs and the state of their health. Specific insects or vermin can protect the crops rather than using chemicals, leading to much more natural, healthy and tasty products.

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